SFG : Planting Layout Plan

So the location has been selected and my foray into square foot gardening continues…


I have decided to go with heirloom seeds for the most part and have included companion plants in the design for the sole purpose of controlling pests. OK, maybe not the sole purpose as the plants will look beautiful when flowering too ! 

Square Foot Gardening Planting layout

Square Foot Gardening Plant Layout Plan

Several other possibilities that I am considering adding to the list are Nasturtiums (Empress of India and Jewel mix), Lemon Squash and Red Corn Poppies – the latter two were received as free gifts and as such were not initially included in the planting layout and the nasturtiums an afterthought to jazz-up my Summer salads. I’m still not certain whether I will include them all but suffice to say, they will not replace anything already allocated a spot in the square foot gardens.


All of the plants, except the sweet potatoes, will be grown from seed. The seed was purchased online from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co. based in Mansfield, MO ( or at their Comstock Ferre & Co. retail outlet in Wetherfield, CT. The Wethersfield store is worth a trip if you are within striking distance as it is being developed as a “living history museum dedicated to agriculture and our diverse inheritance of heirloom seed varieties that are in danger of extinction, some of which have already passed through the sands of time.” There are charming old buildings and antiques galore – even the staff dress in 19th Century period costume, and of course they stock a multitude of non-gmo seeds.


Each segment of the square foot garden will be 8″ deep. The sweet potatoes will require additional depth to grow properly so their 2′ x 1′ section will be increased to a depth of 12″.


In the next post I will go into more detail regarding which seeds will be germinated indoors, and when. Followed by those that will be direct sown and the likely timings…



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