SFG : The Miracle of Life

After situating the square foot gardening raised beds and filling them with Mel’s mix, the first few seeds were planted (details here) and thank goodness they were the frost-hardy ones as Mother Nature hit us with three consecutive nights of 28-30F temperatures. I did cover the beds with tarps to try and afford them some measure of protection and it appears to have been successful (phew). Failure at this juncture would have been deeply disappointing.


Following my planting schedule (details here) I duly sowed Tokyo Long Onions, Ramson’s Garlic and Chives on April 12th. Imagine my excitement when some of the seeds germinated and the shoots started their journeys toward the sun. Thus far there are shoots emerging from the Snap Peas, Spinach, both Lettuces and more latterly the Carrots and Chives. The supplemental sunflower seeds planted outdoors are also surfacing !


Square Foot Gardening shoots emerge

Snap Peas

Square Foot Gardening shoots emerge


Square Foot Gardening shoots emerge



Square Foot Gardening shoots emerge



Following the relative lack of success growing out the indoor seedlings, I decided to try germinating further Ground Cherry, Wonderberry and Tomato seeds using the wet paper towel method. It is as simple as it sounds…you take a paper towel, fold it in half and place the seeds inside. Fold the sheet over and wet – allow excess water to drain off. Then place in a sandwich bag or sealed box and store somewhere warm, I placed mine on top of the refrigerator.

Square Foot Gardening seed germination 2Four days later (April 17th) the Ground Cherry and Tomato had germinated, now I will let the cotyledons emerge then transfer to an environment more conducive to sustained growth (I haven’t quite decided where yet though).


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