SFG : The Joys of a New England Winter…


Just a quick photo update :


square foot gardening future location

January 2014


The first photo showing the future location of my square foot gardening raised beds was taken in January 2014 with a trivial amount of snow on the ground, all of which had melted a day or two later. Then along came February, not content with a quiet and subtle approach, it prefered a shamelessly melodramatic entrance with four five snow storms in less than 2 weeks…

square foot gardening snowboundsquare foot gardening snowbound



and as if that isn’t enough, The Old Farmer’s Almanac has us down for snow storms until the second week of March, oh great !


Of course I do realize that there are many other places that receive significantly more snow than this every year, but understand that this is my place and I am impatient to get outdoors and start doing !


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