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I have played guitar, on and off, for almost 30 years. I am self-taught and have extended what I have learned for the guitar to keyboards and software synth programming. I have 2 guitars, an old, black Westone Concord IIT (purchased around 1985) and a metallic grape Ibanez S-series (purchased around 2002). Unexpectedly, I prefer to play instrumental music on the Westone despite the pickups lacking a little on the high-end. That’s not to say the Ibanez is a bad guitar, I just like the ‘feel‘ of the Westone more. I also have a Korg N5 that I use as a Midi Controller and a Tascam US-122mkII audio interface. My DAW of choice is Sonar.


Instrumental music

The Hardware


 My musical tastes and influences are wide and varied, here’s a visual representation using a word cloud…

Musical Influences


Enough of the talking, let’s fire up some of my instrumental music…

the audio sounds good on speakers, but really sparkles with headphones !

Audio Tracks

all songs composed and performed by essjay

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