SFG : Getting the Lay of the Land

Connecticut may be gripped tightly in Winter’s frigid embrace, but my enthusiasm for square foot gardening has not been dampened. All it took was one afternoon where the temperature peaked in the mid-forties Farenheit and I was out selecting a location for my square foot gardens and clearing out the brush and weeds accordingly. It is a typically sunny

square foot gardening future location

Before the brush removal

location in the growing season and I have successfully grown beans, peppers, asparagus, strawberries, blueberries, grapes and tomatoes in-ground in this spot in prior years, but thanks to some tough, deeply rooted perennials, it took a little longer and required more effort than I had envisioned. After several hours of toil, the area was sufficiently cleared and the top layer of soil sufficiently workable that I took the opportunity to roughly mark out where the square foot gardens would sit. I have it in mind to raise the raised beds somewhere between 18 and 24″ off the ground and companion plant insect repellent flowers and plants around the beds too. It did strike square foot gardening bed locationme that with woods close by, and by association deer, that the raised beds could serve as a very nice dinner table from which they can feast !! I am formulating a plan for the critters and will detail that in a separate post. I have also been collecting free wood to construct the elevated platforms for the beds, but with the concerns over chemicals leaching from treated wood, especially that of uncertain origin, I will purchase the materials used for the actual square foot gardens myself so I am confident of the source.


Coming up soon in the next post will be all of the details of my plan for planting…the seeds, the layout and the companion plants.

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