I’m an alien !


Albeit a legal one, but an alien nonetheless… and as Sting so eloquently sang almost two decades ago, “I’m an Englishman in New York”. Well Connecticut actually, but you get the point.


I was born and raised near Lichfield in the heart of England. It is an ancient city and boasts a three-spired medieval cathedral – where I was known to do readings from time-to-time, but that’s another story entirely. Following a mostly uneventful childhood and adolescence I attended University in Dundee, Scotland and thereafter settled in the beautiful (but very wet) Scottish Borders.


Twelve years later my employer extended an opportunity to me to work in the US and I jumped at the chance. Thoughts of returning home to the UK were soon forgotten after becoming enchanted by an attractive and intelligent Señorita whose rich cultural heritage was the polar opposite of my reticent stoic ‘Englishness’*. Following convention, girlfriend evolved into wife and several years later I was afforded the most wondrous gift imaginable, a daughter, whose vitality and effervescent exuberance fill my days with the deepest joy and an immense feeling of pride as I watch her grow. The more perceptive amongst you 🙂 may have gathered that nenita is indeed the ‘Apple of her Father’s Eye’.

You know, it really is true what they say…before you had a child, all those friends who are parents will at some time have told you that you cannot appreciate how it feels to be a parent until you have the job full-time. Well, I am a fully paid-up member of that club now and wholeheartedly agree. I would add on the flip-side, that words are also totally inadequate when it comes to conveying the emotional and spiritual aspects of being a parent.


I have always possessed an innate desire to self-actualize, whether through an expression of creativity, an unrelenting thirst for knowledge or simply physical endeavor. Whether you consider it a blessing or a flaw, it is central to my personality and not something I have ever had cause to question. It has been my faithful companion and trusty guide on this journey we call life and continues to inspire and provoke me whenever the occasion arises.


Family aside, my interests are myriad and embrace a broad spectrum of topics. From Health & Nutrition to Square-Foot Gardening, from Soccer to Video game Development, from Saltwater Aquaria to Writing Music, from Photography to Hiking. This list is far from exhaustive but hopefully provides a modicum of insight in to what is currently occupying my time and permeating my consciousness.


I may be many things, but as all of this affirms I am rarely, if ever, bored.

Film Strip hobby squares

*When I first met my wife I bought her a book entitled “Watching the English” by Kate Fox, which informally dissects the essence of being English with affection and humor. It helped her to understand some of my eccentric behaviors and would be a great read for anyone interested in English culture or perhaps someone looking for a departure from more accustomed material.